Dr Manya Thakur Roy, Dr Mainak Bardhan


Schwannomas are benign neoplasms of the peripheral nerves originating from the Schwann cells. They are rare and usually solitary, with clearly delimited capsules. They occur in the head and neck region, in approximately 25 % of the cases, and may be associated with Von Recklinghausen’s disease. About 4% of head and neck schwannomas present as a sino nasal schwannoma whereas Brachial plexus schwannoma constitute only about 5% of schwannomas and 2–5% of neurogenic tumors constitute Cervical vagal schwannomas which are quite rare. They are always a diagnostic dilemma as they are asymptomatic for long time and histopathology is the gold standard for diagnosis. Methods- We present a case series of 3 patients of Large schwannomas, arising from the cervical vagus presenting as parapharyngeal Neck Mass. Tumour was completely removed by Extracapsular Excision using transcervical approach.

Conclusion. Schwannomas can remain asymptomatic for long time can present as huge Parapharyngeal or Neck  Mass specially in adults.As a rule, treatment is surgical and dictated by the location of the tumor and nerve of origin. Due to its rarity, complex anatomical location and morbidity risk post excision, they can pose a formidable challenge to surgeons. This study aims to describe the presentation, workup, surgical technique, and outcome of large  head and Neck Schwanommas by Transcervical Approach.



Cervical Schwannoma, Parapharyngeal space, Transcervical Approach, Peripheral Nerves

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