Dr. Vishnu Gahlot, Dr. Asif Meman, Dr. Harish Chauhan


INTRODUCATION: Hernia repair is one of the most commonly performed general surgical procedures worldwide with an estimated 20 million operations performed annually. Surgical site infection is an important potential complication of any surgical procedure. In most forms of surgery, antibiotic prophylaxis is known to reduce the risk of post-operative wound infection less use of antibiotic in inguinal hernia repairĀ  with meshplasty and incidence of surgical site infection. Only single dose antibiotic isuse.

MATERIAL AND METHOD: Totally 100 patients admitted for elective inguinal hernia surgery in our hospital with co-morbid conditions were included in this study. One dose of parenteral Cifotaxime 1 gram IV after test dose 30 min prior to surgery and no more antibiotics were prescribed.

RESULTS: In our study out of 100 case only 12 case developed surgical site infection(ssi) . In this 10 case of SSI with diabetic malitus and 2 case of SSI in nondiabetic malitus and 8 case of SSI have operation time >1 hours and 4 case of SSI having operation time is 1 hour.

CONCLUSION: Misuse of antibiotics should be avoided as it may lead to increased cost burden on patient and increase the emergence of resistant microorganisms and also increase side effects seen with antibiotics usage. In a resource deficit nation like ours implementation of single dose antibiotic prophylaxis regimes tailored to the prevalent organisms in the institution can result in enormous saving, as the study shows significant reduction in hospital stay with no significant increase in incidence of SSI and as a single dose of antibiotic is used the cost saving can also be enormous


single dose antibiotic, inguinal hernia, surgical site infection.

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