Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gautam


Any skin Disease like Eczema , Psoriasis, itching , allegric, Dermatitis, Pityriasis alba,Pityriasis rosea, Ache, Baldness, Dandruff, Scabies, Discolouration, Boils, Curbuncles, ulcers, lyst nodes, Urticaria, can be successfully cured through Homoeopathic treatment.The skin diseases are classified by WHO under as chapter12code(L00-L99). The skin diseases are external manifestations of internal fundamental diseases like Psora , sycosis,syphillis .For successful treatment of skin diseases the similimum must have the power to root out these Miasm. Study and through experience it is seen that sometimes intercurrent Medicine of indicated miasm gives better result with indicated remedy. Skin diseases is not a local disease except few injuries. But even a single lesion of eczema has the internal fundamental cause as general. Therefore to treat skin diseases the totality should be made through proper case taking , then indicated medicine will be choosen.The mental symptoms, eating cravings and thermal reactions also important for consideration. According to organon of medicine in supressed cases anti-psoric medicine should be given to clear the case picture. Dr.S.Hahenmann also advised the treatment of skin diseases should be ended with a anti-psoric medicine to prevent re-occurence.
There are some cautions in treatment as following:-
1. Skin is a sensitive organ therefore aggravation occurs easily so minimum doses and initially the treatment must be started with 30 C. Then higher potencies will be prescribed.
2. Removing exciting and maintaning causes like dust,soap ,cloth,Allopathic ointments,cosmetics etc. Is also necessary.
3. What previous medicine homoeopathic ,allopathic ,ayurvedic the patient has taken must be kept in consideration.
4. Sweet and salt limitations in diet is also necessary.


Fundamental cause,intercurrent Medicine ,Psora,syphillis,exciting factors ,potency, organon of medicine.

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