Dr. B. Bhargavi, Dr. M. Vijayasree, Dr. V. S. S. K. Chaitanya


    Epilepsy is the second most common serious neurological disorder complicating pregnancy. Incidence of seizure disorder in women during pregnancy is estimated to be 0.15-10%. In studies on pregnant women with epilepsy a variety number of complications have been reported including preterm labor, small-for gestational age (SGA), low birth weight (LBW) 1,3 .Maternal complications included spontaneous miscarriage, anemia, seizure during pregnancy 5 , high rate of cesarean section (CS), gestational diabetes, congenital malformation, incidence of pregnancy induced hypertensionion (PIH), need to labor induction and also high rate of fetal complications6   The risk of seizure during the pregnancy was 50% to 70% less if the pre-pregnancy year was seizure free and decreased relatively little more with longer periods of pre pregnancy seizure control.Decrease or arbitrary discontinuation of drugs during pregnancy will increase the risk of seizure13 .An increased risk of intrauterine fetal growth retardation was observed15 .Ideally, preconception planning should be done to minimize risks to both the mother and fetus during pregnancy.


EPILEPSY, PREGNANCY, neurological disorder, pregnancy induced hypertensionion (PIH)

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