Dr. Sukrant Sharma, Dr. Ashanka Bhardwaj, Dr. Mayur Uttam Pharande, Dr. Sarabjeet Kour


Acharya sushrutha stated Bhagandara as one among the eight mahagadas. It started as deep rooted pidika (boil) around the guda within two angula circumference and forms into a track with an external opening in the skin of peri-anal region and an internal opening in the modified skin or mucosa of anal canal or rectum lined by unhealthy granulation tissue and fibrous tissue. Bhagandara is disease difficult to treat by surgical or medico surgical treatment. It is considered so because of its location and nature. By surgical management there is chance of recurrence but by the usage of kshara, there is less chance of recurrence. Ayurvedic classics have mentioned the utility of kshara and kshara sootra in the management of bhagandara . According to classics, snuhi kshira is used in the preparation of kshara sootra .Due to the non availability of snuhi throughout the year and the time of collection is in adana kala particularly in shishira rutu. Due to this fact, we should collect the kshira in February- march (shishira rutu). Hence as an alternative to snuhi kshira, guggulu is used as a material to increase the tensile strength of thread and therapeutic utility as well. It is single blind clinical study ; wherein  20  patients  of bhagandara were  selected  for the study from  S.D.M  Ayurveda hospital, udupi. It showed that guggulu kshara sootra is easy to prepare, has good binding properties, it can be preserved and used for long duration and very efficient in the management of bhagandara (fistula in ano).


Guggulu kshara sootra, Bhagandara, Fistula in Ano.

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