Dr. Chandrakant S. Suryawanshi, Dr. Prashant Vasant Ajanalkar


In conditions like Prameha, Rajyaksma, immune-deficiency disorders and malnutrition, where loss of ojas or bala is a
constant feature, people are known to be susceptible to various other diseases or recurrent infections. According to the
concept of Ojas or Vyadhi-kshamatva or Bala (immunity), the body's resistance is of tremendous importance in the daily
welfare of living beings not only for disease prevention but also for rapid recovery after disease affliction. Ayurveda is
the science that is an equally important aspect of disease management as cure and thus, rejuvenating the immune
system, is a natural way to help the body fight against the disease causing pathogens. Aapt Purush or Sants stated the use
of Rasayana (Rejuvenation) to enhance oja sand vyadhi-kshamatva (immunity). Ojas is responsible for good health, better
immunity, longevity, intelligence and thought process. For this purpose, use of different types of ojas promoting herbs
have been described in Ayurveda which can be immensely helpful in the management of immune-deficiency disorders.
Factors which contribute for vyadhi-kshamatva are normal dosa, equilibrium state of dhatu, normal agni, patency of srotas
etc. or factors which supports the equilibrium state of all physiological parameters. Innate immunity may be correlated
to sahajabala described in Ayurveda. Kalaja and yuktikritabala may be correlated to acquired immunity. Present article
through light on the concept of immunity or Vyadhiksamatwa from Charak Samhita and other Samhita Granthas.


Vyadhiksamatwa, Sahajabala, Kalajabala, Yuktikritabala.

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