Dr. Suraj Singh Bhadoria


Transgender are the people who are neither undergoes into the category of male and female. They are always lying in
between these two genders of male and female. Because such peoples are not satisfied with their biological sex
assigned in during the birth. Therefore, they are categorised into two main parts of male transgender and female
transgender peoples in our society. The transgender is the one most important part of LGBT communities, where L for
lesbian, G for gay, B for bisexual, T for transgender. Now transgender are the people who suffered from may hurdles,
problem in their whole life time. There are some factors which decreases their social, health, mind, economical
background due to discrimination, no family support, sex abuses, no health care system, no employment, rejection from
all aspect. Hence, they undergo into the decreasing their life quality.


discrimination, rejection, sex abuse

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