Karen Chávez Cadena, Andrea Yumiceba Izquierdo, Pablo Llerena Jara, Ricardo Casillas Flores, Daysi Chávez Chávez, Mauro Cobos Cisneros, Paúl Yugsi Robles, Gissela Chiliquinga Quisilema


Background: Iatrogenic Alogenosis has become an increasingly frequent disease, victimizing humans of aesthetics and perfection. It is a reality that has been growing and that brings various health problems and complications. A case of application of injectable substances is reported at the genital area level, very few cases have been documented, which is why we will focus on this topic. Considering that it constitutes today a serious public health problem throughout the world, and that this type of patient requires multidisciplinary care.

Objective: The objective of this report is to present a clinical case of a male patient diagnosed with iatrogenic allogenosis in genitals, its management and possible treatments.

Materials and methods: We present a clinical case of a 41-year-old patient who applies injectable substances (biopolymers) to the penis, causing functional and aesthetic complications. A review of the subject is carried out, which is currently very limited.

Conclusion: patients who seek a penis enlargement using fillers, lead to various disorders, including complicated infections that can lead to severe sepsis and even death, also seriously influences the psychological-psychiatric aspect of the patient; all the consequences of this disease are long-term physical, psychological and socioeconomic, some cases require several surgical procedures which leads to a large public expense in each country.


Iatrogenic allogenosis, biopolymers; Silicone; Injection; filling substances, Foreign modelling agent reaction (FMAR); Penile augmentation; genitals.

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