K Baby Saranya


Post ofce saving banks is the largest savings institutions in the country. With a view to mobilising savings of people with relatively small income
and circulating in them a spirit of thrift and savings, the central Government has endeavoured to make the national savings movement popular by
offering high returns than those given by scheduled banks. At present the POSB provides a wide range of products and services including POSB
ordinary deposit accounts, time deposit recurring deposit, Monthly income plan, and national saving certicates. This micro level study aims to
assess the post ofce saving behaviour among Coimbatore. The study drew an empirical understood that the low / middle income families living in
Coimbatore region prefer to save money in post ofce savings bank for the minor children. And sensible as parents they prefer to protect their
children's future and save money to meet their future educational expenses or marriage expenses. Most of sample found to park their hand earned
money in the recurring deposits, with a thrift of Rs.200 to Rs.400.


Post Ofce Saving Bank, Middle Income Savers, Thrift Saving.

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