S. A. Tabish


Health is a foundational investment in human capital and economic growth without which children are unable to go to school and adults can't be
productive. Over 500 million people do not have access to a dependable health facility for quick diagnosis of disease and its proper treatment.
Around 800 women die each day due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Every day, 16,000 children under the age of 5 die from
mainly preventable or treatable causes; that is 5.9 million children a year. Close to half of these under-5 deaths occur within the first month of life.
One million children die on the day they are born, 2 million within the first week. Many lives can be saved with packages for maternal preventive
care and childcare, packages for newborn resuscitation and care, and packages related to community-based case detection and management. The
effect of several intervention packages is considerably enhanced by innovations for scaling up coverage. Most innovations relate to low-cost
interventions and diagnostic tools in the hands of health workers and to communication and information-technology platforms. The integration of
new maternal and child health interventions with existing programs for maternal, newborn, and child health is critical. Health insurance is
emerging as an important financing mechanism to meet the health care needs of the poor and disadvantaged. by managing risks, those who have
micro-insurance policies are in a better position to protect the meagre wealth they accumulate and generate more income to look after their families.
Community-based insurance is widely acknowledged an appropriate way of reaching the outreach. There is a strong need to strengthen public
health system to ensure access to quality care at an affordable cost. Disease prevention and health promotion are critical to success of any secondary
and tertiary care facility. Countries must consider establishing a National Health Service will go a long way to provide accessible, affordable, costeffective,
quality care to most, if not all, the population.


Maternal Heath, Child Health, Morbidity, Mortality, Infectious Diseases, Immunization, Universal Health Coverage, Life Expectancy, Determinants Of Health

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