Deepa. D, Usha Gupta, Jeyapal. V, Sajitha G R, Dinesh Roy


Alcohol is one of the significant modifiable risk factor for premature disease, disability and death globally. The overall health issues, related risk
for several fatal and non-fatal incidences, social and economic burden are sufficient to overweigh the protective benefit of alcohol as suggested by
some previous studies.
Aim: Compare and correlate peripheral and central blood pressure parameters between alcoholic and non-alcoholic subjects.
Materials and methods: It was an observational case control study which had included 59 study subjects (self-reported alcoholics between 20 to
60 years) and 57 control subjects (non –alcoholics of 20 to 60 years).Peripheral systolic Blood Pressure (SBP), peripheral diastolic Blood Pressure
(DBP) , peripheral pulse pressure , aortic systolic pressure (Ao SBP), aortic diastolic BP (AoDBP) and aortic pulse pressure (AoPP) were recorded
using Cardiac Risk Profiler.
Results: Mean (±SD) of SBP, DBP, AoSBP,AoDBP, Ao PP were shown significant difference (p˂0.05) between the groups. Odds ratio for the risk
of hypertension was 3.485.
Conclusions: The significant difference between the BP parameters between the groups and the higher risk of hypertension among the
alcoholic subjects have pointed out the need of abstinence from alcoholism for better heathy human society.


alcoholism, peripheral blood pressure, central blood pressure.

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