Dr. Sharmistha Behera, Dr. Sunita Pandey


PURPOSE- prospective study of the effect of hair dye containing paraphenylenediamene and other aromatic amines on human eyes
BACKGROUND- Irrespective of economic and education status, people dye their hair to emphasize the importance given to appearance. This
paper provides a comprehensive study on various adverse effects of hair dying products containing para-phenylene-diamene and other aromatic
MATERIALS AND METHODS: 32 patients attending the Department of Ophthalmology, with h/o hair dye usage were included and enquired
for chief complaints, detailed history of the use of hair dye (name of dye, its active ingredients, duration of use, periodicity of use, amount of dye
used, any side effect or any allergic manifestation) and detailed ophthalmic examination with more emphasis on slit lamp examination and refraction
of the patient.
RESULT- most common presentation was with ocular irritation accounting for about 80% patients. Allergic conjunctivitis was found in 15
patients(46.8%), posterior blepharitis in 11 (34.4%), periocular dermatitis in 4 (12.5%), corneal epithelial defects in 1 and angioneurotic edema in
1 constituting about 6% together. There were 26 females against 16 males and the mean age group is found to be 35-50 yrs
CONCLUSION-Hair dye (paraphenylene diamene & other aromatic amines) is potentially toxic to ocular structures leading to posterior
blepharitis , allergic conjunctivitis, periocular dermatitis, corneal erosions and angioneurotic edema in decreasing frequency affecting middle
aged with females outnumbering males.

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