Dr. Pradeep Pazare, Dr. Pooja Bhomle


INTRODUCTION: Children form a vulnerable population across the globe. Majority of deaths occur in neonates and early infancy. In developing
countries, most of the deaths are related to infection that can be prevented by early identification and proper treatment.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: A study was conducted to find out the care seeking behavior of parents towards sick children in an urban setup using
a standardized questionnaire.
Methodology: Parents of 100 children attending outpatient department and admitted in pediatric ward were assessed for their care seeking
behavior using a questionnaire.
RESULTS: Majority of the children attending Out Patient department (OPD) and admitted in wards (IPD) were 1st in birth order. There was a slight
preponderance of male children attending OPD and admitted in wards. Fever, cough, vomiting and loose motions were the leading symptoms for
which children were brought in OPD. Majority of children were admitted for gastrointestinal, respiratory tract and central nervous system
involvement. Majority of parents were from upper middle income group and mothers were unemployed. Most of the babies attending OPD or
admitted in IPD were seen by either MBBS doctor or a Pediatrician. Few parents consulted doctors from other pathies, pharmacist or relatives for
illness of their children.
CONCLUSION: awareness needs to be generated among parents regarding childhood illness for early diagnosis and referral to reduce morbidity
and mortality.


Sick children, health seeking behavior

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