Dr. Sushil Kumar, Dr. N. K. Paswan, Dr. Pramod Kumar Sinha


Background: Cerebrovascular stroke is the third most common leading cause death worldwide after coronary heart disease (CAD) and cancer. The
prevalence of stroke and its complications are increasing in last decades which make a large burden to patients, society and also treating physician
Ischemic strokes are common type of strokes and they account for 80%–85% of cerebrovascular accidents worldwide. Clinical presentation of
stroke is variable depending upon the involvement of vascular territory. Aetiology of ischemic stroke varies in different population due to
differences in lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors. It also varies in different age groups. Hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidaemia and
smoking have been identified as major risk factors. Many of the risk factors for stroke are modifiable. Recognition and early intervention of risk
factors can reduce the incidence of ischemic stroke.
Methods: It is a Hospital based cross sectional study in which we included 100 patients of ischaemic stroke included admitted in medical
emergency and ward of general medicine at A.N.M.M.C admission all risk factor and detail clinical examination done and noted.
Results: In this study most common age group of ischaemic stroke is 56-70 years of age group and it is more common in male (ratio 2.5:1). Most
common clinical presentation was hemiplegia/hemiparesis (88%). Cranial nerve involvement is noted in 67% patients and Speech disturbances are
found in 44% patients. Most common vascular territory involved is middle cerebral artery. Around 90% of patients had middle cerebral artery
infarction. In our study hypertension, smoking, alcoholism, dyslipidemia were significantly associated with stroke in patients with age group more
than 45 years. In 100 total stroke patients 64% had hypertension and it is found to be high when compared to previous studies. Among 100 ischemic
stroke patients 16% of patients had both Hypertension and Diabetes. Smoking and alcoholism were identified only in male population. In total
stroke patients, 36% of patients were smokers & 35% were found to be alcoholic.10% of patients had past episode of transient ischemic attack or
stroke. 15% of patients had heart disease or atrial fibrillation.
Conclusion: Ischemic stroke has a male predominance and hypertension was found to be a most common risk factor. Systemic hypertension,
smoking alcoholism, dyslipidaemia was significantly associated with stroke in patients with age more than 45 years.


Cerebrovascular accident, : Ischemic stroke, clinical profile, risk factors.

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