Khalid Saleh Maniah


Environmental biotransformation is elemental in the growth of the organic plants and organisms. This growth is often facilitated by the development and the role-played by the microbial communities in the soil. The various activities of these complex communities of the microbes have an impact on the biological or biogeochemical transformations, engineered and managed ecosystems. Important segments of the community include the evaluation of the functional pathways for the energy flows and the nutrient resource, the mechanistic comprehension of the interactions between the microbial population and its environments, and the properties of these communities. In addition, the factors and the role of the microbial community are evident in the system stability, biological diversity, and the functional redundancy. In this dissertation, Organic P is an elemental compound and is part of the nucleic acids, proteins, and the other organic compounds. The use and the consumption of the various nutrients by the microorganisms in the soils are dependent on the types of the nutrients utilized. These nutrients on the other hand, are dependent on the types of mediums used because every medium has various nutrition elements.

Phosphorus and phosphates are also other significant elements and compounds that exist in most of the animal and plant tissues. The experiment sought to collect as well as measure and evaluate the date from the inorganic and organic P, with anticipated results of determining whether a change or shift in the mineralization capacities of P are caused by the manipulation of the microbial populations through the conditioning on the specific media. As such, the media analyses of the sources of Phosphorus that contribute to the biogeochemical transformations include Lactose, Luria Bertani Broth, Nutrient Broth, Tryptone Soya Broth, and Cooked Meat Media. The analysis of these media in the determination of the components of the discussion and the understanding the role of the microbial community in the biotransformation of the Organic P. that is, an understanding of the preference of the microorganisms to the five media is important in explaining the factors that affect or regulate the biotransformation.



Lactose, cooked meat media, phosphatase assay

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