Dr. Anusuya Sharma, Dr. Karandeep Singh, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Goyal


BACKGROUND: A lump in the breast whether benign or malignant is a cause of anxiety for the patient and her relatives. The main purpose of FNAC (Fine needle aspiration cytology) and TCB (Trucut biopsy) is to confirm cancer pre-operatively and to avoid unnecessary radical surgery in specific benign conditions. OBJECTIVES: To assess the sensitivity and specificity of FNAC in the diagnosis of breast lump and to compare these variables with those of TCB. METHODS: A hospital based prospective study was carried out in the department of Pathology in collaboration with the department of Surgery at MAMC Agroha Hisar. Thirty cases of breast lump presenting to the Surgery OPD between October 2017 and November 2018 were included in the study by simple random sampling. FNAC followed by TCB of the breast lump were performed on all the selected patients. RESULTS: All thirty cases of breast lump were from female patients. Age of the patients ranged between 28 and 67 years. Both right and left side were equally involved. In 60% of the cases upper outer quadrant was involved. Out of a total of thirty cases, 5 were diagnosed as benign on FNAC of which 4 were confirmed as benign on TCB and one was diagnosed as malignant. The remaining 25 cases were diagnosed as malignant on FNAC out of which one was benign on TCB and the remaining 24 malignant. Hence there were a total of 5 benign cases and 25 malignant cases. FNAC and TCB biopsy showed a sensitivity of 96% and 100% and a specificity of 80% and 100%, each respectively. CONCLUSION: It was concluded that both the methods are easy, safe, cheap, reliable, out-patient procedures. Whenever there is discrepancy be­tween clinical findings, imaging studies and FNAC, TCB can be used as the next step in assessment before definitive treatment. Also, it can be used in cases of low grade malignancies, where it is difficult to give a diagnosis of malignancy on FNAC alone. KEY WORDS: FNAC, TCB, Breast lump.


FNAC (Fine needle aspiration cytology), TCB (Trucut biopsy), anxiety

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