K. G. Maria Jereyard, Dr. U. L. Bhuvaneswari


This is a study to check whether the higher secondary school students have test anxiety or not. Test Anxiety Scale by Nist
and Diehl (1990) was administered to one hundred and sixty 11th standard students (92 boys and 68 girls) just before the
rst mid-term exams as pre-test. After pre-test, the students were given training in learning methods, memory techniques and relaxation
continuously till the end of the year. At the end of the academic year, before the nal exams, test anxiety was assessed (post-test) and compared
with initial assessment.
The results revealed that majority (73%) of the total sample experienced moderate test anxiety and very few (3%) experienced severe test anxiety
during pre-test. After intervention, only 49% of the total sample experienced moderate test anxiety. 51% was found to have mild test anxiety. The
mean difference in test anxiety before and after intervention was found to be signicant at 0.025 level (F=1.1476). Test anxiety was found to be
signicantly higher in girls (M=25.49) than that of the boys (M=23.59). After intervention, it is seen that the test anxiety of the boys and girls
decreased signicantly (Boys-M=19.46 and girl-M=20.75). The ndings reveal that test anxiety of the sample of this study was reduced because
of the intervention provided and further, it is presumed that test anxiety could be reduced considerably, if suitable psychological techniques are
given to the students at the right point of time.


Higher secondary students, Test Anxiety, Psychological intervension, Gender difference.

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