Ashwathy Menon, Vijayalakshmi Bhagat


Blockchain is one of the new technologies that has emerged in the recent years and has found many applications. One such
application of blockchain, owing to its immutability property is an e-voting system. The electoral process conducted these
days are generally centralized where a single entity has complete control over the system. Blockchain being a decentralized and distributed public
ledger is one of the potential solutions to address this issue. This paper presents an implementation of blockchain based e-voting system. It
explains how to create a complete blockchain network along with other data structures required. All the necessary functionalities of e-voting from
authentication of voter to displaying the live vote count have been mentioned here. The system proposed here has been developed using a testdriven
development approach. The system was evaluated by conducting a trial voting process and it was found that no votes were lost or tampered
with during the process. The voter remains anonymous throughout the process and blockchain being a decentralized network, all the nodes have
equal computational power there by making the system more secure.


Blockchain, Cryptography, Digital signature, E-Voting, Wallet

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