Dr. Sahil Mehta, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma


Acharya Sushruta in Sushruta Samhita widely discusses the anatomy and provides important anatomical conceptual
information. One such concept described by Acharya Sushruta is Marma. Marma's are explained as the vital points in the
body. Marma means the conuence of Mamsa, Sira, Snayu, Asthi and Sandhi. Injury to these vital points may lead to death, disability and disease.
There are a total of 107 Marma in the human body. Acharya Sushruta classied marma into ve types i.e. Mamsa, Sira, Snayu, Asthi and Sandhi
Marma. Kurpara Marma is one among the twenty Sandhi Marma mentioned by Acharya Sushruta. It is a vaikalyakara marma and located at the
junction of bahu and prabahu i.e. elbow joint. So cadaveric dissection of elbow joint in relation to kurpara marma can be carried out in order to x
the exact location of kurpara marma and to nd out its components. This article describes anatomical location and contents of Kurpara Marma and
applied anatomy related to it with the help of cadaveric dissection.


Anatomy, Sushruta, Dissection, Marma, Kurpara.

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