Dr. Manas Jyoti Bashistha, Dr. O. P. Gupta, Dr. Bishnu Prasad Sarma


Healthy sexual functioning plays pivotal role in maintaining the harmony and happiness in marital life. It provides a media to express love, strength, happiness of mind and it is the base for all activities. In Kama Sutra, Acharya Vatsayana has given more importance to fore play, before actual sexual intercourse.  The success of happy sex life in males depends on a desire to indulge into an act that cultivates into sexual arousal, penile erection and effective foreplay, followed by the sexual congress for a considerably long satisfactory duration. If all sequenced well the act ultimately results into the ejaculation coupled with organism that gives an individual a sense of physical as well as emotional wellbeing. A man who is full of stresses of life and lost his manhood is accepting his failure and undergone depression resulting into divorce. Man is surrounded by various types of diseases as a result of industrialization and modernization. If these conditions coupled with disturbed sleep and habits like cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing are identified as risk factors for sex related disorders and unhealthy conditions which are becoming more and more common now-a days. Male sexual dysfunction affects 10-25% of middle-aged and elderly men. It is estimated that in 1995 there were over 152 million men worldwide who had Erectile Dysfunction and in 2025 the number of men will be approximately 322 million, an increase of nearly 170 million men. Demographical changes, the popularity of newer treatments and greater awareness of sexual dysfunction by patients and society have led to increased diagnosis and associated health care expenditures for the management of this common disorder. The search for a perfect aphrodisiac drug specially a herbal formulation mentioned in Bhaysajya Ratnawali, an Ayurvedic Samhita was prepared, which consist of Aswagandha (Withenia somnifera Linn), Vidarikanda (Pueraria tuberosa DC) and Shatavari (Asperagus racemosus Wild) churna mixed with equal quantity to evaluate the clinical effect in 68 male diagnosed pateints of klaibya (Group A) and Placebo was given to 32 male diagnosed patients of Klaibya (Group B). Total 100 patients Klaibya completed the full course both Group A & Group B. The result of this herbal formulation showed statistically significant improvement in sexual symptoms (by IIEF Questionnaires) and hormonal parameters in randomized double blind placebo control study.


Klaibya, Erectile Dysfunction, IIEF Questionnaires.

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