Swati Singh


Right to Privacy is one of the most basic right available to every individual per se. It is expected by every person that he/she shall not be disturbed in his/her life without any reasonable cause which makes privacy one of the most undisputed right. A dispute in relation to privacy arises only when privacy of a person is disturbed by some other person. It is a settled fundamental right. Now even the State can’t infringe privacy rights of any person. The right to privacy is inherited in every individual and is very essential for the overall development of a person. It is legitimate to have some privacy in the life of everyone where only that person has right to be with himself. In India the question regarding right to privacy as fundamental right is one of the most disputed one and has been in question right after the commencement of our Constitution. In this paper the researcher discusses the definition and International provisions relating to privacy rights. Also researcher makes discussion on the development of privacy rights in India through different judicial pronouncements in a chronological way. Also the researcher makes a brief discussion on the most celebrated decision on privacy in India. 


Life, Liberty, Privacy, Article 21, Fundamental Right.

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