Dr Nilofer Ahmad, Dr Ajay Kumar, Prof(Dr) M. Sarawagi


INTRODUCTION: Benign lesion of breast is quite common. It can affect both male and female , however
incidence in female far exceeds than in males. In their lifetime about 33%of females suffer from benign
breast disease and require treatment. Various breast lesion ranges from mastlgia, palpable mass swelling or generalized
lump which can be ANDI ( broadenoma ,broadenosis ), benign nipple discharge ,breast abscess, traumatic fat necrosis. In
this study we focus on spectrum of disease with respect to age, sex, mode of presentation, clinical features and management.
METHODOLOGY: A group of 50 patients of benign breast disease were studied on their clinical prole ,investigations and
management. Special focus was given on the FNAC and HPE of the operated cases was included.
CONCLUSION: On analysis of this study it was concluded that benign breast lump was found in age groups 15 to 35 years. Most
of the patient had perceived lump rst(80%) followed by various symptoms such as pain(48%). Most of the lump was less than
5cms (80%). Fibroadenoma cases were common (82%).Most cases were solitary (92%).FNAC was diagnostic although usg of
the breast and mammography also helped to differentiate benign from malignant lesions and also between different benign
lesions .

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